Life Celebration & Cremation

We are proud to offer products that offer the same level of dignity and Life Celebration to families that have chosen cremation. We are pioneering the development of unique products designed to enable funeral directors to enhance the services they are able to offer to those families.


Queen Anne Altar

This elegant altar will give you plenty of room to provide a dignified in house service. All our timeless Queen Anne details have been incorporated into the production of this formal altar. The altar is on casters that are recessed and nearly invisible allowing you to move it from room to room as needed. Pictured with RD115 altar candles and a red roses urn riser.


Portable Cremation Stand

This unique, dignified, affordable and portable cremation display table is light weight and easy to use in house or transport for off site services. The X shaped stand will fold for moving or transport. The bottom shelf provides ample room for memorial collages. Shown with RD146 uniform stand.


Processional Urn Carrier

By using our Processional Urn Carrier, you are treating the cremated human remains with the same reverence and dignity as the casket human body. This allows you to have four pall bearers and process with the urn when you go to church or the columbarium. This is designed to use in conjunction with our Large Baby Bier/Cremation Altar.

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